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Shakespeare in the Parking Lot

October 26th, 2011

Brad Singley and I competed in the Renton Film Frenzy again this year, though this time we were able to add his mega-talented wife, Meg. This proved to be a wise choice on our part as she was instrumental in helping to create this latest masterpiece, Shakespeare in the Parking Lot. If you’re curious, we won first place in the competition. Yay! There was also a best picture prize (which is technically the real first place). That went to a film called The Disconnect, which was AWESOME. We didn’t feel one little bit bad losing to those guys.

At the start of the competition, teams are given “curve balls” (items that they must include in their film). This year the three curve balls were:

1. Line of Dialogue: incorporate a line of dialogue about aerospace in Renton.

2. Location: include a scene filmed at the Renton Harvest Festival or Chamber Business Expo.

3. Object: Incorporate a piece of public art in Renton.

This version is the “director’s cut” in which we removed the scene at the harvest festival. We filmed that bit of dialogue in Brad’s garage as well and it just fit better, so we decided to re-cut it and show everyone that version. Anyway, enjoy!