and this is why the internet was invented

November 17th, 2010

that’s right, a cat that hiccups and farts at the SAME TIME (while sitting like a human, i might add). watch and glory in what we, as humanity, have created.


renton film frenzy

October 27th, 2010

so, my friend brad and i entered a film competition called the renton film frenzy. we had 50 hours to write, shoot and edit a 4 minute long film. this is our entry. i would also like to note that we finished 3rd in the competition. yay!

What’s the best idea you’ve ever had? Do you have it? Now take the beauty of that idea and times it by a million. Those are the kinds of unique brain explosions that Steven and Bradford have every day. Step into their world and see both the glory and the calamity that comes with a genius that’s touched by madness.

Submitted to the 2010 Renton Film Frenzy. 3 requirements that we had to follow were:
1. A part of the film must contain either a piece of Renton art, history or culture.
2. We had to use the phrase, “DTR” (which presumably stands for downtown Renton, but we could use it however we pleased).
3. We had to shoot a scene at Renton High School.


fall in the pumpkin patch

October 23rd, 2010

so, I was just testing out the “movie trailer” feature in the new iMovie. i tried to make it as cliche as possible. i’m pretty sure i’ve seen the trailer blurb below (or minor variations) in about 100 different movies.

3 crazy children
discover that life is what happens

when you’re busy making other plans
and you get what you never expected


jackson jet’s 5th birthday questions

October 20th, 2010

Once again, it’s time for the birthday questions. Enjoy, grandmas and grandpas!


who done it????????

September 29th, 2010
well we have a mystery in our home that has been impossible to solve due to an extremely good liar. on sunday asher asked me to brush his hair before church and while i was doing it, i noticed that there was a patch of hair that had been cut off right on his crown. i asked him who cut his hair and he looked me right in the eyes and said, "lily cut my hair!" i then proceeded into lily's room and asked her and she will swear up and down that she didn't do it. i have tried asking asher in every way possible if it was him and not lily but he is sticking to his guns that she did it. who am i suppose to believe?????

fortunately it is a boys hair and not on the crown of lily's head but i don't want my children cutting their own or even their siblings hair. i can only imagine what will happen to this little baby to be if it is a girl and the kids think it is funny to cut hair.

has anyone had this problem? do i ban them from scissors or just move on and hope that it doesn't happen again??? please help!!!!!

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The Other Guys

September 10th, 2010

this is one of the funniest scenes from “The Other Guys”. i walked in not knowing what to expect and i walked out not sure of what i saw. take that however you want.

videos, words

heritage park

August 22nd, 2010

we were at the park today and i just felt the need to make a short video. i remembered that i could shoot and edit the whole thing on my iphone and decided to do just that. i had the whole thing finished by the time i got home, and here are the results. how cool is that?


iMovie for iPhone test

June 24th, 2010

So, I just downloaded iMovie for the iPhone and this is a test using that last video that I shot. For the uninitiated, iMovie is the basic Mac movie editing software that, for a basic editor, blows the doors off of Windows Movie Maker (no offense to any WMM lovers out there). Well, they made a scaled-down version for the iPhone 4 that’s actually really cool. It took me 5 times longer to make this movie than it would have on a PC, but then again, this is all being done on a phone. Pretty impressive in my book.

EDIT: I just realized that my song was a little too short for the video. I suppose I should have proofed it first. Oh well.


iPhone 4 test video

June 23rd, 2010

I just wanted to test out the video new iPhone 4 (which just arrived today). I have to say, for a PHONE (that’s right, this thing is a PHONE) this is the best video I’ve ever seen. I’ll still be using the Canon when I’m shooting my masterpieces, but I have no reservations about pulling this thing out when needed.


asher sparks turns 3

June 14th, 2010
(birthday morning opening presents)

Happy Birthday little buddy! we only had a small family get together so no party pictures for him. we took him to red robin for dinner. we told them it was his birthday so they would sing to him and bring an ice cream sundae. when they arrived i thought it might scare him but he didn't even pay attention to the singing, he only had eyes for the sundae. he thought that was the greatest thing ever. i wish we got a picture of it.

asher is probably the cutest kid i know.
he loves his brother and sister
he calls lily "lil" which i think is really cute
a couple times a week he will wake up in the middle of the night and crawl in bed with me. he cuddles up to me and puts his arms around me for a couple of minutes and then gets out and goes back to bed. it makes me feel like he wakes up and just misses me and so he comes to get a momma fix. i love it.
the only way to get him to take a nap is to lay down with him.
he is always laughing or smiling.
he has the thickest and most awesome hair.
he can be pretty shy if he is around a bunch of new people.
he hates it when me or steven cry (well fake cry.) he gets so upset and will do anything you want to get you to stop.
i love that he kisses you if he bumps you or hurts you in any way.
whenever his kisses you, he follows it up with an eskimo kiss that he call a nosle (i am not sure how to spell this so if you want to know just ask)
he loves eating at the mall. anytime we go there he gets upset if we don't get him something to eat.
he likes to color in any coloring book and try to cut the pictures out. he fluctuates between using his left and right and i am not sure which one he's better with.
he loves puzzles, books, games, blocks and puzzles, puzzles, puzzles.
he jumps on and off everything
his favorite show is He-Man even though it was banned from our house because jack was getting too crazy with the swords because of it.
i love his dimples, his kisses and his smile
most of all, i love him!

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