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April 8th, 2007

just some random photos for your enjoyment.

Just Some Random Photos


cruising the streets of spokane

April 1st, 2007

i suppose i can thank jana for my new purchase. she called me one day a few weeks ago and said, “hey, did you know there’s a vespa shop in town? (i had no clue) well, there’s a sign out front saying that all vespas are on clearance. you should check it out.” vespas never go on clearance. that’s like saying there’s a sale at the apple store. it just doesn’t happen. as excited as i was, i shortly forgot about the whole conversation. so, she asked me a few days later if i ever got to check it out. no i had not. soon enough though, i for got about that conversation as well. a week or so later she brought it up again. “i drove by the vespa place, but the signs gone and i can’t see any more scooters.” well, 3rd times a charm i guess so i decided i needed to check this out. i called the place and they said that they had recently switched owners and the new owners didn’t want to sell them anymore. DRATS! “but the old owner still has several left and he’s selling them at cost. so i found where the old owner was keeping them, and the rest is history. i got a great deal on it and i’m so happy to be back in the scooter world. click the picture below for a link to a gallery.

New Vespa GT200

i have to say, there’s nothing more refreshing than cruising down the street with the ipod on. there’s certain tunes that lend themselves well to the scooting experience. to quote my friend clint regarding the song knights of cydonia by muse, “racing down i-90 with my 6 year old dancing and jiving in the back seat telling me this music is like being chased by the police through the forrest on horses has never been so awesome!” i recalled that and threw the song on and have to agree, it’s a killer song to groove to.

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funny faces

February 25th, 2007

these are some of the funny faces that you’ll see around the heller home from time to time.

Funny Faces


she’s been commisioned…

February 24th, 2007

i’m showing jana how to post on our website, so if anyone has any complaints as to why it’s not updated more often, now she’s just as culpable as i am. you can also check out our picasa photo album at: enjoy. we’ll probably be updating that thing pretty regularly as we can do it directly from iphoto.

if you want to be really cool, you can subscribe to the RSS fed of our photo album here.

Jack’s 1st Birthday
Lily’s Wedding

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music of the week: band of horses and the new year

December 9th, 2006

these songs are by the new year, and covered by band of horses.

the new year band of horses

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music of the week

it seems like it should be a joke

December 3rd, 2006

but it’s not. i was on the wordpress home page today and there are a list of headlines from a bunch of random wordpress blogs, and this is what i saw. you tell me where the comedy is at.


i’m sorry but that’s just funny.


…and she talks in her sleep.

November 27th, 2006

a long time ago, a few friends and myself put together a site called “the bendies”. it was basically a blog all about music, culture and our seperate musings. it was pretty cool but, as with most things cool, eventually went the way of the sabre-toothed tiger. none of us really had the commitment to keep it going full-time. too bad too, because there was some really good content there. one of the sections that i kept up pretty well was a little piece called “…and she talks in her sleep”. you see, when jana and i were first married she talked in her sleep a lot. many nights i would be up working at the computer in our bedroom and she would just sit up and start talking. it was crazy. after a couple of times of this i realized, i’ve got to write this down. so here you have ”…and she talks in her sleep”.

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fun with the isight

November 23rd, 2006



words from a man on extreme pain medication

November 23rd, 2006

so, a few months ago my dad was in the hospital for surgery. they kept him for several days and had him on some pretty heavy pain medication. for some reason, the medication had a weird effect on him and he started talking all crazy. i advised my mom to either record it or start writing it down. these are her notes. keep in mind that most of these comments are completely unprovoked and came out of nowhere.

i was king for the day!

where was i put in the domain?

there’s a real transition. it takes 2 for this thing. (pointing to his oxygen tube)

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music of the week: muse

October 21st, 2006

this song is by muse.

i’ll be honest, I have no idea why i got this album. i only heard one track on the radio, and i thought it was pretty cool, but not cool enough (at the time) to invest the time and effort into an entire album. but I got it. and i’ve made a remarkable discovery. muse are what radiohead could have been had they not gone lame after ok computer. i can already hear the cries now, “heretic! traitor! radiohead are as good as they’ve ever been!!!” nope. you’re wrong. you’re all either liars or really fooling yourselves. radiohead took a downward spiral not long after discovering modular synths. and it was a steep spiral. i will grant you that both kid a and amnesiac had some really cool sounds, but those albums were nothing compared to their earlier genius. i thought that i was forever going to be yearning for the “old days”. and then i heard this song.

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